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About Spiritdoll Owner Gallery

 Dear all,


Thank you very much for your continuous support to us. Since our Spiritdoll started, we either found or received a lot of extraordinary photos from our owners. Now we think it would be a good idea to gather these beatiful pictures and share them with all our friends. Therefore, we would like to start gathering the photos from all of you. And at the same time, we will also add the photos and paitings on Spiritdoll that we found on flicker, DOA and other websites. We will first contact the owner for authorization, and put up the picutre with the authorization. For the pictures that we could not find the author, if you see your picutre and would not like us to share your picutres, please contact us immediately ^^


For the onwer who would like to share the picture of Spiritdoll, you are very welcome to send your photos to Once your photo is chosen, you will get 50 points in the website. ^^ Please notice the pictures should be either Spiritdoll whole dolls,  or hybrids of Spiritdoll head with bodies from other company, or hybrids of other head with Spiritdoll body.


When you send the pictures, please make sure you have the following information:


1. Username on Spiritdoll website;


2. Spiritdoll name (e.g. Camillia), if hybrid, please give all the company name of the heads, or bodies. (e.g. Soom, Spinel head, or Soom, Super Gem body) 


3. skin color,


4. Owner name (the name you wish us to put in the article),


5. the doll's name (the name you give to your doll),


6. face-up artist (if choose official face-up, please leave as official face-up),


7. any other modification (optional)


We are looking forward to your beautiful pictures!


Spiritdoll Team

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  • dream ( 2015-03-30 18:44:45 )

    I did send some picture's from my favorite doll to you.
    Did you see it?
    Kindly regards Henny

    AdministratorDear customer, may I ask your doll name please? ^^ So that I can check if we have the pics or not. ^^ Thank you very much.^^

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