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  • Weight:2.000kilogram
  • Goods click count:13124
  • Shop price:$ 280.00
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Goods Brief:


 Spiritdoll 1/4 size doll line -- Smart line


~ Laurel ~


Please notice that the large bust option is ONLY available for Jointed Torso Body.










--- Body ---


Please notice that the large bust option is ONLY available for Jointed Torso Body.



--- Chest piece ---


Please notice that the large bust option is ONLY available for Jointed Torso Body.

Two sets of hands: one pair of normal hand and one pair of cat-claw hands



Including: nude doll Liana [joint/single torso body (coated and stream line sanded)], 
one pair of cat-claw hands, one pair of glass eyes, one blanket, and one box] 


Model skin color: normal skin



Total hight:45cm

Girth of the head:17.5cm

Girth of the neck:7cm

Width of the shoulder:8cm

Length of the arm:14cm

Girth of the chest:16.5cm

Girth of the waist:14.5cm

Girth of the hips:20.5cm

Girth of the big arm: 5.3cm

Girth of the forearm: 5.2cm

Width of the palm: 2cm

Length from the should to hips:11cm

Girth of the thigh:11cm

Gither of the leg:7.5cm

Length from the bellybutton to foot:24.5cm

Length of the foot:5.4cm

Width of the foot: 2cm

Eyes size: 14mm

**Please notice that due to the complication of the production, 

the doll will be shipped 2-3 months upon full payment 
(If you are choosing the layaway option for the payment, 
your order will be processed only after your payment is over 1/2 of the total payment of your order.)

Since the product is completely handmade, please understand that the doll and 
the face up may have minor difference from the official pictures.

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  • Lisa ( 2015-12-16 17:37:49 )

    Hello, I have a couple of questions:
    The doll will be polished?
    Fixed eyes and eyelashes are included in the face-up?
    Can you declare less on the parcel?

    AdministratorDaer customer, The side line will be sanded. The eyes and eyelashes are not included in the face-up. Low declaration is possible.

  • Mai_01 ( 2015-07-28 21:57:55 )

    Does this basic doll include eyes or I have to buy her eyes? If this basic doll include eyes, can I chose the one I like ?

    AdministratorDear customer, the doll will include one pair of random eyes with her. You can request the eyes you like, we will try our best to meet your need, however, we could not guarantee you would definitely recieve the eyes you requested depending on the stock situation.

  • Mai_01 ( 2015-06-10 21:39:38 )

    Can this doll be purchase with her eyes ?

    AdministratorI am sorry but the eyes were the personal collection of our doll master. We do have some eyes which is similar to this one. You can add them to your cart if you can find some eyes you like. ^^

  • Mai_01 ( 2015-05-17 01:46:33 )

    I really want to know the diffrence betwen white skin and normal skin

    AdministratorPlease visit here:, the last question explain the skin color. ^^

  • ok2la ( 2015-03-24 13:39:36 )

    Can this girl doll be purchased with "Candlenut" face-up?

    Administratoryes^^you just need to leave the request in the "order postscript" area when you place the order.

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