Dream ver

Dream ver


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You can choose the size of the chest joint

In addition to matching regular hands, a pair of cat hands will also be given as a gift

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Product Size Classification: Smart1/4



Set Contents:

・DOLL Main Body(Assembled)


Foot parts (heel foot)



・Doll Bag

【Body Size】

Height: 45CM;

Head circumference: 17.5cm;

Neck circumference: 7CM;

Shoulder width: 8CM;

Chest circumference: 16.5CM;

Waist circumference: 14.5CM;

Hip circumference: 20.5CM;

Arm length: 14CM;

Arm circumference: 5.3CM;

Small arm circumference: 5.2CM;

Shoulder to coccyx: 11CM;

Palm width: 2CM;

Thigh circumference: 11CM;

Calf circumference: 7.5CM;

Navel to ankle: 24.5cm;

Foot length: 5.5CM;

Foot width: 2CM;

Eye: 12MM


The dolls are all customized, please be patient and wait.

Processing time:

After you have successfully paid the order, please give us time to process and prepare your order for shipment.

Production and processing time:

Parts and dolls: 4-5 months

Existing products: 1-2 weeks

Express delivery time:

EMS transportation time may take 2-3 weeks, depending on your location or delivery destination.


We will send you a link to the tracking website as soon as possible.

重量 3.5 kg
Skin color option

Normal Skin, Tan Skin, White Skin

Resin Type Option

Normal Resin, Super Resin

Face-up Option

Face-up, No Face-up

Body Type Option

Jointed Torso, Jointed Torso(Split Body)-Large Bust, Jointed Torso(Split body)-Medium Bust, Single Torso



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